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2018.11 Applied Physics Exhibition in Thailand


      From November 6th to 14th, 2018, our company was invited by our sales agent in Thailand to attend the 8th applied physics exhibition in songka, Thailand. In the exhibition, our company mainly showed the independently developed  distributed high-precision land seismograph GS201 and micro-node seismograph GN201 , among which GN201 micro-node seismograph used network connection to show the equipment real time working of Guilin university of technology, attracting many teachers and students to stop and look at and inquiry.

      After the exhibition, our company made a demonstration of distributed high-precision land seismograph GS201 on the grassland of Songka beach. The data demonstration results were not affected by the sound of waves and wind, which were accurate and effective, and were recognized by on-site customers. Then, our company conducted the academic report and the second instrument demonstration at the school of earth science, agricultural university of Thailand.

      About this business trip to Thailand, our company with professional seismic exploration solutions, excellent products and quality services, has been highly recognized and praised by the industry and customers; At the same time, through this exhibition, our company has made a big step to the overseas market and laid a solid foundation for China's development goal of becoming a world-renowned provider of seismic exploration instruments and solutions at home and abroad.