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The deputy Secretary of Hefei high-tech zone Lu ping Visit GUOWEI for Research


On Nov. 26, 2019, high-tech zone deputy secretary Lu ping led the team, including the deputy director of the bureau of human resources and labor Zhang xue, director of the bureau of science and technology innovation and development department Ji binggao, director of the bureau of human resources and labor department general Shaxi to visit GUOWEI for research guidance work.The general manager Chen jing and technical director Yang Yang accompanied the investigation.

Secretary Lu firstly held a symposium after arriving in GUOWEI. At the symposium, general manager Chen jing reported to the leaders attending the forum the latest situation of GUOWEI, the direction of future development and the difficulties encountered in business development. After listening to the report, secretary Lu affirmed the technical strength of GUOWEI, gave constructive suggestions on the future development direction, and provided effective solutions to the difficulties encountered in its operation and development. The director Ji, director Zhang, director Sha also gave practical and effective suggestions on the problems encountered in the application of science and technology projects and the absorption and training of talents.

Later, secretary Lu and his delegation visited the R&D and assembly center of GUOWEI and got to know the operation of on the spot. Finally, secretary Lu stressed that if high-tech enterprises want to further development like GUOWEI must pay attention to three points: Firstly,actively invest in human resources; Secondly, always pay attention to the changes in the market, pay attention to how to use good product quality to verify the market, cultivate the market, and develop new application fields; Thirdly, enterprises need to invest time in their development. The government has the time and patience to support enterprises to grow steadily.