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Philippine International Coal Exhibition


From Sep.10 to 12, 2019, our company was invited to attend the Philippine international coal conference & exhibition. At the exhibition, our company, as a domestic enterprise providing middle-range high-precision distributed seismic instruments, mainly demonstrated our independently developed remote real-time intelligent micro seismograph GN209 and  distributed high-precision land seismograph GS201. The customers approved our micro seismograph and said that they would consider our instruments. Our products do not need artificial source, the acquisition depth range is large, and the micro-motion 4G real-time transmission technology is deeply satisfied by customers. At the exhibition, our company introduced the distinctive functions, features, specific application and suceessful cases of seismograph to the customers in detail.Our sales manager made the meaningful

communication with the customers, and won the attention of visitors. At this exhibition,with our professional seismic exploration solutions, excellent products and quality services, the industry and customers gave us highly recognization and praise. After the exhibition, we did the demonstration instrument in the university of the Philippines and we invited five very professional customers and the university of the Philippines coal geology teacher to watch. Moreover,we offered the customers a comprehensive introduction to the distributed high precision land seismograph GS201,they said to knock out the waveform is very good,and they will consider to use our seismic solutions in coal exploration areas. Through this exhibition and demonstration, our company has made another great step forward in overseas sales, laying a solid foundation for our development goal of becoming a well-known provider of seismic exploration products and solutions at home and abroad.