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GUOWEI Shining on 2017 EAGE Exhibition


From June 12--15, 2017, our company was invited to participate in the 79th European earth scientists and engineers association conference and exhibition (EAGE ) held in France. The high-precision distributed seismic exploration instrument GS201, which was displayed at the exhibition, has won lots of visitors' stopping and viewing, and it has been well decorated in the exhibition.

GUOWEI-- Small and middle channels distributed seismograph expert

As the only company to offer the distributed land seismograph in China, on the exhibition we show mainly distributed land seismograph GS201 seismic solutions, make higher seismic exploration precision and lower cost, shorter construction period and adapt to different areas of the small and medium-sized seismic exploration projects. This product has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, easy expansion and support 3D seismic exploration, which is highly recognized and praised by the industry and customers.

The visitors are like tide and we show professional

At our booth,the visitors are like tide, and one person often appears to receive multiple clients. Although hard, but each member of our team are in a positive full of working passion and professional technical knowledge for every customer and guests on the company's products and solutions in detail, show seriously, patience, professional, acme.

GUOWEI--Lead the future with innovation

As the seismic exploration equipment and solution manufacturer in China, our company has been committed to provide high quality products and services in the field of seismic exploration and provide advanced product solutions and professional services, customers all over the world.

On the EAGE exhibition in France, our company has become one of the focal points of many exhibitors with our professional seismic exploration solutions, excellent products and excellent service. For the future, we will continue adhering to the development goals "GUOWEI of China, GUOWEI of the world"  based on strong technical strength, to seek the innovation and development of the industry, continuously break the shackles, beyond the self, to become famous seismic exploration products and solutions manufacturer in domestic and all over the world.